Scenes From Trenches And Bomb Shelters As Military Tensions Escalate In Eastern Ukraine

Multiple social-media videos that have appeared, along with analysis of available data, indicate a large Russian military buildup in Crimea and along Russia’s border with Ukraine. There has also been an increase in shelling along the line of control separating Ukrainian forces from Russia-backed fighters in eastern Ukraine.

The conflict in the eastern Ukrainian region known as the Donbas began seven years ago. Despite multiple cease-fire agreements, fighting has continued intermittently. More than 13,000 people have been killed since April 2014, according to the United Nations, and more than 1 million have been displaced.

The last large-scale fighting took place in January 2017, but with the recent buildup of Russian forces, there are concerns that there could be another major outbreak of military action. Military forces and civilians on both sides are preparing for whatever may come.