Uzbekistan Reportedly Planning To Repatriate Citizens From Syrian Camps

An unnamed Uzbek government source has said that Uzbekistan plans to repatriate another group of its citizens from a camp for families of Islamic State fighters in Syria, Reuters reported on November 29.

An Uzbek delegation has visited two camps in the Kurdish-controlled part of Syria and spoken with about 100 Uzbek citizens – mostly women and children – about returning to Uzbekistan.

The source told Reuters that the Uzbeks are living “in deplorable conditions and have difficulties with access to drinking water, food, and medical care.”

The United Nations estimates there are about 65,000 people at the Al-Hol camp, including 28,000 Syrians, 30,000 Iraqis, and about 10,000 foreigners of other nationalities.

Uzbekistan repatriated about 220 women and children from Syria last year as part of a rehabilitation program.

Based on reporting by Reuters