Focus – Grasshoppers: A nutritious and popular delicacy in Uganda

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In Uganda, grasshopper hunters work through the night to catch as many insects as possible. They are sold at dawn at markets, before being grilled. At each major crossroads in the capital, vendors offer them to passers-by, who can’t get enough. In baskets, on the ground or even directly in casseroles, these insects aren’t repulsive to locals, but a valuable source of delicious protein. “It tastes a bit like meat, or even chicken,” explains a passerby.

Most of these little treats come from Masaka, in central Uganda. Every day, grasshopper hunters set up corrugated iron sheets tilted towards barrels: a clever trap using light that the insects find irresistible. “We have to install it every day and undo it every morning. This is how we recover the contents,” explains Ibrahim Katongole, a grasshopper hunter.

Our France 2 colleagues report, with FRANCE 24’s Jennie Shin.