Top Botswana health official ‘very concerned’ about Omicron variant

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With a growing number of countries imposing travel restrictions from southern Africa amid the new Omicron variant fears, Botswana’s Covid-19 task force chief Kereng Masupu, told FRANCE 24 his country was taking all necessary public health measures to stem a viral spread.

Botswana, one of the southern African nations facing new travel restrictions, has recorded more than 194,000 total Covid-19 cases and 2,416 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Speaking to FRANCE 24 on Friday night, Kereng Masupu, coordinator of Botswana’s presidential Covid-19 task force, said the country had detected four confirmed Omicron variant cases and 11 other people were under investigation.

Although public health officials were “very, very worried” about the new variant, Masupu stressed that Botswana is “ready to deal with it”.

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