Jordan restricts mass social gatherings amid rising COVID-19 cases

United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths. (AP)

DUBAI: Jordan is banning wedding parties, funerals, and other social gatherings with more than 20 people, as the country records a surge in coronavirus cases, state news agency Petra has reported.

Minister of State for Media Affairs Adaileh announced the new Defense Order No. 16 on Thursday, emphasizing on stricter penalties for violators of COVID-19-related rules.

The order mentions guidelines for other gatherings permitted by the state, including social distancing rules, wearing of face masks, and avoiding physical contact among people.

It also includes measures for people in home quarantine, such as wearing the e-bracelet tracking device and using relevant mobile applications during isolation.

Violators of Jordan’s anti-coronavirus rules range from three months to a year of jail time, or a fine of up to $4,230.

The new order comes as the country implements several other restrictions across the country, including placing Ghor Al-Safi and Ghor Al-Mazraeh areas under lockdown.

The two regions, located in the Karak governorate southwest of Amman, will undergo a 2-week “comprehensive curfew” from Sept. 20, due to a “grave” rise of infections.