Live: Israel poised for new era as parliament votes on new government

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Israel’s parliament is to vote on a new government on Sunday, which is set to end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s record 12 years in power and usher in a new administration that has promised to heal a nation that has become bitterly divided over his departure.

Israel’s Knesset is to vote on a new government made up of eight coalition parties with an agenda focused on “change”.  Netanyahu, 71, the most dominant Israeli politician of his generation, had failed to form a government after a March 23 election, the fourth in two years.

The new cabinet, which was cobbled together by the centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid and ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett, is expected to be sworn in after a Knesset confidence vote.

Bennett will serve as premier for two years before Lapid, a former TV host, takes over.

Click on the live player above to watch the vote as it happens.