Prince Hamza of Jordan will not face trial: Jordanian media

Prince Hamza of Jordan will not face trial: Jordanian media
A handout picture released by the Jordanian Royal Palace on April 11, 2021 shows Jordanian King Abdullah II (R), Prince Hassan Bin Talal (L) and Prince Hamzah (C) arriving at the Raghadan Palace in the capital Jordan. (File/AFP)

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DUBAI: Jordan’s Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh denied there had been a “coup,” and that the former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein will not face a trail, local media reported on Monday citing lawmakers.  
Members of parliament, Saleh Al-Armouti, Mohammad Al-Alaqma and Omar Ayasrah, told Roya News TV that their prime minister confirmed that “there was no coup” and that those involved were arrested with the exception of Prince Hamzah, “who will be dealt with within the framework of the royal family.”
Last week, Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said that Prince Hamza had been liaising with foreign parties over a plot to destabilize the country and had been monitored for some time.
The authorities intercepted communications between Prince Hamza and foreign parties over the timing of steps to undermine Jordan’s security, Safadi said at a news conference.
Evidence showed Prince Hamza had been communicating with outside entities, the so-called Jordanian opposition, and had recorded two videos in Arabic and English in an “incitement attempt,” Safadi added.
He also said the wife of Prince Hamza had also made contact with a representative of a foreign country to secure escape.
He added Jordanian intelligence had intercepted certain communications at what he called the “zero hour,” adding that “it was clear they had moved from design and planning into action.”
He said some 14-16 people are under arrest in addition to senior officials whose arrest had already been announced.
Safadi confirmed that the security efforts to foil the attempt had been fully Jordanian and that all suspicious activities were now under full control.
The security services have asked for those involved in the plot to be referred to the state security court, he said.