Inside the Americas – Brazil probe calls for Bolsonaro to be charged over handling of Covid-19 pandemic

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According to a Senate report out of Brazil, the country’s far-right president should face at least 10 charges, including crimes against humanity, for his handling of the pandemic. It paints a damning portrait of Jair Bolsonaro’s government: one of corruption, negligence and incompetence. With more than 600,000 deaths, Brazil has the world’s second-highest Covid-19 mortality rate.

Chile’s protest movement against inequality marks its second anniversary. For many, change has not come far enough, and polarisation is increasing ahead of next month’s elections.

Finally, Colombia is having difficulty dealing with an unwanted legacy of the late Pablo Escobar: his “cocaine hippos”. The drug lord imported the exotic animals illegally, and they have reproduced on a massive scale in the 27 years since his death. Now, the growing hippo population is taking over parts of Colombia’s countryside.