Inside the Americas – Pandemic politics: Texas set to relax Covid-19 measures

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Joe Biden is moving up America’s vaccine calendar by two months. The US president says there will be enough vaccines for all US adults by the end of May. Despite that good news, both Biden and America’s top disease expert Anthony Fauci say it’s still too early to relax Covid-19 restrictions. That didn’t stop the largest state of Texas however from making moves to get back to normal. Governor Greg Abbott says that as of next week, businesses can work at full capacity and Texans will no longer be required to wear face masks.

Also, Donald Trump is back in action. The former president made his first big appearance since leaving the White House at the annual Republican gathering CPAC. FRANCE 24’s Bryan Quinn tells us more.

And all those Zoom calls made during the pandemic have been a boon for plastic surgeons, leading to a 50 percent boost for some doctors last year.